What can you gain from this website?

Throughout this website I take you through what to expect when you are adding a dog/puppy to your family for the first time. We will go through the differences of where you receive your fur friend, what commands are essential for good dog behavior, what you should know before bringing the dog home, what will you need to start when bringing your puppy home for the first time.


Are you adopting or are you receiving your puppy from a breeder?


These pups come in all ages and types. When adopting I like to suggest doing your research on the type of dog you are looking for and find the best match for you from there. It is good to know what kind of dog you are looking to add to your family. Humane societies can be overwhelming with the amount of dogs/pups available for adoption.


Facts about adopting a dog:

    According to the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), there were 7.2 million animals in shelters in 2011, this is about a 10% decrease in shelters nationwide.


    Adoption is less expensive compared to buying from a breeder.

    Most shelter dogs come home already neutered or spayed. This is to help with the over population of animals that is happening. Dogs coming from breeders very rarely come neutered or spayed.


Shelter dogs are carefully evaluated to ensure they go to the right home for them.

If there are any behavior issues or aggressions the shelter team will point them out and help adoptive families with resources to help aid in healing and getting over any issues or any insecurities.


Typically pups that are bought from a breeder come home around eight weeks when they are old enough to live without their mothers care. Some may come at a slightly older age but should NOT be brought home or taken away from mom until the eight week mark.


Facts about buying a dog from a breeder:

You are guaranteed a young puppy of the exact breed you are looking for.


If the breeder is registered you will receive the full family blood line of your pup.